Experience a Bed and Breakfast in Ireland

Welcome to Ireland, can you hear it? Many people ask themselves: where is it? The heart of Ireland? You can not only hear it but even feel it. Hello Tim, there you are, come on in.

That’s it, the Irish Bed & Breakfast is the true heart of Ireland! You may wonder why a B & B should be the heart of Ireland? Quite simply, you live at home with the Irish and the home is the heart of the inhabitants of a country. You can count on every comfort and modernity to spend a holiday. A B & B in Ireland is often viewed as a place to sleep but that is far from the truth. It’s more than that, it’s the central nervous system. Here you can get to know the true Irish culture, whether it’s the history or its habits and who knows, maybe you have Irish ancestry.

Irish B & B hosts have been known to give you good tips on whether it’s a pub or a pub Point of interest. If you are just planning a small excursion or planning a difficult hike, your host will be happy to advise you or maybe take you to your destination and if you are really nice, he may pick you up. If you’re a fishing fan, you may be given insider tips only known to the locals. Where is the best riverbed or the best fishing guide on the lake?

Whether you are on 4 wheels, 2 wheels or 4 legs; Want to know where the best band plays or the best talents or maybe even play along. The B & B host has the best tips for you. Irish B & Bs are already a family attraction on their own and many are on a farm. It is an ideal solution for getting the kids out in the open air and learning about rural life. Oh, my God, the adults too.

There’s one more thing you need to know when you’re in Ireland and without which your holiday is incomplete, because it’s the most important meal for the Irish: the unique Irish Breakfast. I can only say one thing to you, there is no better local specialty: simply fantastic. Well, it’s one of our great Celtic secrets, a century-old recipe that is only betrayed under torture. Would you like me to show you how to make Irish brown bread? What?

That’s a secret! Oh stop it. I show all my guests how to make Irish brown bread. Go get this around and I’ll show you. Guests will not only have a unique Irish experience, but will also drive home with a delicious Irish recipe. It’s fantastic, just outstanding. You may be wondering where to make this unique experience on the Irish island … Right, just anywhere from north to south and east to west, in town and in the countryside. For more information, simply log onto discoverireland.com because a B & B will take you closer to the heart of Ireland. Come and feel at home here.

Let’s go!!!