Bed and Breakfast complete with Goats and a Growing Dome

We just get the comment all the time, it felt like staying with family. I’m Gina Marcel and we are here at the Mountain Goat Lodge we are a bed and breakfast and dairy goat farm in the mountains, outside of Salida Colorado. We’re at 7,500 feet.

We are a bed and breakfast that is very unique in the fact that we encourage a lot guest interaction with our animals and we have a wonderful greenhouse that we use to help provide the best breakfast in the world. I love being able to show people how wonderful the goats are, especially people who have no prior goat experience. They’re like dogs that don’t bark. And they’re loyal and loving and they’re useful too because they provide you with milk and they provide you with entertainment. We have milking every morning.

We ask the people to come out and if they want to watch the milking. So, they’re getting a lot more than just watching the milking, they’re actually getting a lot of information that we impart while we’re milking the goats, we’ll talk about the goats and what makes them special. So, they’re getting a little education while they’re getting that demo.

My goats get about 50% of the stuff that I grow in here. They’re the recipients. They get comfrey, they get all of the brown leaves, anything that’s not edible they get. It’s wonderful for them. And I also produce a lot of cheese and I add the herbs to the cheese, so I was able to use that in our cheese making.

People come out here just to look what we have. We do have some food that we use in the b and b. Herbs, Swiss chard, zucchini, figs. I think a lot the guests enjoy the fact that they’re getting local produced food. A big part of their meal is going to be right from the farm. They know they’re getting milk that was fresh from the morning, cheese that was fresh from the day before.

They’re getting eggs that were just laid. They’re getting some produce that was just picked. That is why I do what I do. The b&b pays the bills. The b&b brings in the people, but the goats are what really makes us unique. We have a website. So go to our website and read about it and then book a room, or book a trailer, or book a tee-pee.

And you come here. If you’re interested in taking a class. I teach classes on cheese making, how to care for goats, and how to care for chickens. I hear all the time people that say, “Oh, we want to do exactly what you’re doing. We want to do exactly what you’re doing. We want to plant a greenhouse, we want to have goats, we want chickens.” You know. I hear that all the time. People say to me, you’re living my dream.