La Dolce Vita B&B

Hi guys welcome to this video today we start our trip in Italy and more specific in Puglia and show you la dolce vita we stay in a wonderful place little dolce bed and breakfast it’s owned by Joelle and she’s also a travel planner for this region and she planned beautiful and nice activities for us.

Here in Lecce La Dolce Vita for me it’s Puglia because we have everything here we have nice beaches we have different kind of landscapes and because of that we also have more foods different kind of foods we have two nice wine I don’t have to go that much of vacation because we have everything here it’s the Dolce Vita.

It will be a great week here in Lecce you can follow Little Dulce Travel Planner on Instagram and Facebook you can find the link below this video to nice cafe to have coffee with nice something sweet typical for here in Lecce the smell is so good it’s a light roasted bean good started of the coffee’s in Lecce.

I will be back tomorrow Dreamteam!

Pasticciotto and this is cookie with cream it’s also a specialty real traditional, it’s delicious overthere, there is a little head of a woman the story is there was a woman and a man on this side and they were in love the parents of the boy closed the window they couldn’t have contact from the balcony she was so sad she didn’t know what to do and she she hang herself that’s that’s what the story says a love story but also a very sad story.

Time to get some cooking lessons yes Italian cooking lessons I always loved the cooking lessons last one was in Oaxaca Buongiorno! beautiful foccacia! first dish charming isn’t it! very charming you’re charming too nice flowers exactly my colors shine! let rice the foccacia, yes. let’s check the foccacia “how come these are more risen Because we all have different hands here the tomato sauce the onions and that’s for the dolce to the apples all Mediterranean ingredients from here from Puglia it smells good already the food is a source of natural happiness ‘picco aperitivo’ cook them and eat them with a open heart finish late afternoon around 7:00 – 7:30 you take traditional spritz crodino there they are again… taralli Salute! fresh breads, fruit and of course Nutella.

It’s very hot here in Puglia 31 degrees yes so we thought it’s time for the beach Togo Bay we heard it’s a really nice beach with crystal blue water like the Caribbean oh yeah this is a really good mezcal so the Italian mezcal i like this one i have alcohol free delicious cheers we take more, I’m sure that means Quanto Basta we’re with friends we’re with Joelle from Little Dolce this is Sacha from Holland Love it! semifreddo pistache this was la dolce vita here in Puglia if you liked this video give it a big thumbs up leave a comment below or share it with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe so now our trip through Puglia doesn’t stop here because next week our next destination is a romantic getaway where we can do some babymooning so we are really looking forward to it and to share it with you for now enjoy your day follow your dreams and we see you next week ciao!